The Mystery Woman of Mallorca

The Mystery Woman of Mallorca

Everyone loves a good mystery. Right? How do you like this one that just came across my desk?

An Austrian man is traveling in Spain. A stranger gives him a book that she found, read and enjoyed.  She was passing it on to another stranger, as instructed by the note scrawled in the front of the book. The man is grateful for the gift, and he takes the book, begins reading on his way home and inside discovers a photo.

He has no way of finding the woman who originally gave him the book, and he has no idea how he find out who the woman is and if she might want her photo back.

The man looks up the author of the book, and on a long shot emails him.

The kind man was Samuel Lange, a teacher in Austria. The author just so happens to be your truly. The book also mine. Or at least one I wrote. He tells me the story of getting the book, enjoying it, and then breaks the news of the photo. Is it mine? No. How did the book get from the US to Mallorca, Spain? Then it hit me. I had asked friends who enjoyed my novel The Raven’s Gift to help spread the word by leaving copies in random places for strangers. One of my buddies, Zach Jordan, a co-founder of Joe Digital, made this killer little video about how he dropped two copies in Europe. One in Germany. The other, surprise surprise, in Mallorca!

[Watch the short video Zach made here!]

So I dropped Zach a line and shared the news with him, but the photo wasn’t his and he didn’t know who the woman was either. The mystery continues. Do you know this woman? Can you help us find her? Share this story, spread the word — help us solve the mystery! Use the comments section if you have any leads or contact me via my website

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Don Rearden grew up on the tundra of Southwestern Alaska, an experience that informed his critically acclaimed debut literary thriller The Raven’s Gift. While calling Don “a master of the cliffhanger” The Washington Post went on to praise the novel’s “hunter-hunted suspense of Geoffrey Household’s Rogue Male, the post-apocalyptic bleakness of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and the haunting mysteriousness of The X-Files.”

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