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Ro Cuzon, Storified

March 5, 2013 by

The book discovery startup Bublish hosted a chat with Rogue author Ro Cuzon last week, and the conversation is up on Storify. Here’s the full conversation.

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Ro Cuzon’s Adel Destin Series Continues

November 12, 2012 by

In the span of a single month, I have gone from having a mere handful of readers (namely, my wife, a few friends, five wonderfully generous fellow authors, and my agent) to several thousands strangers willing to spend some of their precious free time and hard-earned cash on a story I wrote. It is an amazing feeling—even if, after twenty years and some eight or nine novels, it still feels a bit surreal.

At any rate, it’s been just over a month since this crazy ride began, and it seems right for me to come out and thank y’all— for buying Under the Dixie Moon and making it a Barnes & Noble bestseller several weeks in a row; for writing reviews; posting, tweeting and emailing me all those appreciative comments about the book and its protagonist Adel Destin. 

You’re responsible for making a long-delayed dream come true.

While some of you have already found their way to my second novel Under the Carib Sun, I’d like to point those who haven’t to the Caribbean prequel of Adel Destin’s hustles & peregrinations through the streets of New Orleans. Adel’s been in my life a long time–a character that’s come fully to life for me, and now for all of you. 

Which brings me to the big news: official as of today, due to the response to my first two books, a third Adel Destin crime novel will be published by The Rogue Reader in spring 2013. Crescent City Stomp will return to Adel Destin’s New Orleans, where the past never dies and you always look over your shoulder.

– Ro Cuzon

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