Mark T. Conard is Chair of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. He’s the co-editor of The Simpsons and Philosophy, and Woody Allen and Philosophy, both published by Open Court Press, and is editor of The Philosophy of Film NoirThe Philosophy of Neo-Noir, The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese, The Philosophy of The Coen Brothers, and The Philosophy of Spike Lee, all published by The University Press of Kentucky. His latest thriller’s Dark as Night and Killer’s Coda are available now from The Rogue Reader.

Visit Mark’s website or follow him @MarkTConard.

“A tight noirish tale about low-level Philly gangsters, Dark As Night has it all: missing diamonds, prison rape, revenge. And some great food, too. Mark T. Conard is a writer to watch.” - Ro Cuzon

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