Everybody knows the dice are loaded.
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.
Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen

The Rogue Reader is your destination for original, outsider suspense fiction. We showcase big talent and with even bigger scores to settle.  Check out our authors and their critically acclaimed novels for hard-boiled entertainment from the four corners of the world.


What some other authors are saying about our books:
Court Haslett‘s Tenderloin reminds me of Raymond Chandler crossed with Charles Bukowski.” Tim Rice, Author of Broke in a Tangle

Ro Cuzon is among the rising stars of the new generation of noir novelists who are moving the form forward in exciting, innovative ways.” George Pelecanos

“Violence washes over all the characters in Under the Carib Sun this novel, sparing no one. I read it in two greedy sittings, but I feel as if I had the luxury of spending an entire season in St. Barts, albeit one the tourists never see.” Laura Lippman

Dark as Night is at its core a noirish, violent, street-level drama that wears its heart of darkness on its sleeve proudly… a story that readers who crave Elmore Leonard in his more whimsical mode should eat right up.” Spinetingler Magazine

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Adam Chromy Publisher @TheAdamChromy